Roast chicken salad

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super fast dinner.
The side is Bloody Marry, basically a tomato soup...


boneless chick thigh
diced tomato
thick cut bacon
olive oil

Roast chicken salad的做法  

  1. finely zest lemon, pick off thyme, grounded pepper, salt, and olive oil. Mix all into a paste

  2. slice the chicken thigh into roughly rectangular cube shape to facilitate BBQ

  3. dip the chicken "cube" into the paste and marinate for 15 mins or so

  4. meanwhile, fry the bacon until crisp

  5. roast the chicken in a pan. First high heat until chicken turned white then medium heat 4 min each side

  6. let the chicken cool for 2 min, meanwhile, wash and rinse the watercress. Bundle up with a rubber band so that it can stand on the plate.

  7. dice the onion and mixed with the diced tomato. Spread around the "standing" watercress

  8. mix lemon juice and extra virgin oil 1:3, season with salt and pepper. That is the dressing.

  9. slice the chicken into sticks, and toss the dressing over and tuck in!

  10. Of course, when you eat it, get rid of the rubber band and mix them up. It is all about presentation!


The original recipe uses chicken breast, but I like the juicy chicken thigh.

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