Shrimp Risotto

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The little known Italian rice dish. cheesy, oily and tasty!


red chile
parmesan cheese
chicken broth
olive oil

Shrimp Risotto的做法  

  1. put the rice into rice cooker with 1/3 the usual for about 5 mins, it should soak up all the water when it is done

  2. meanwhile, dice the celery and the onion, heat up chicken broth

  3. melt the butter in the pan, stir fry the veges to wait for the rice

  4. put rice into the pan, add a large spoon of wine if you have one around. stir and shake until the wine is soaked (or vapor-ed)  by the rice

  5. add chicken broth into the pan 1 large spoon at a time, until the previous one is soaked by rice. To get fully cooked rice, you have to be patience at this step

  6. when the rice is almost done, dump in the shrimp and pea

  7. when the shrimp turns pink, add shredded Parmesan cheese to you like

  8. add some more chicken broth or hot water. You want the rice mixture to be fluid enough to form a "wave" when you shake the pan

  9. remove from the heat, add in lemon juice, salt and pepper to your taste

  10. load onto the plate and decorate it with mint leaves and diced red chile.

  11. spray a good amount of extra virgin oilve oil


The original risotto cooks the rice to only 3/4 done. If you want to taste the authentic one, skip the rice cooker step and fry the rice with the veges.

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