Spicy Dry Hot Pot

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This is the dish I made for our last night. Hope you enjoyed it !
All the materials you can find in a Chinese Supermarket. Don't worry. All the materials they sell have English side-notes.

Here is the address: Great Wall Supermarket of Ga
2300 Pleasant Hill Rd
Duluth, GA 30096
(678) 957-0098


golden mushroom
black fungus
meat bolls
lotus root
sliced lamb
sliced beef
anyything you want!
Dry red pepper
hot pot base

Spicy Dry Hot Pot的做法  

  1. Put Black Fungus into warm water for 15min. It will become bigger and softer

  2. Clean all kinds of vegetables you would like to eat.

  3. Put the cold water into the pot. Boil the water.Put all vegetables into the pot. Spoon them out until they cooked.

  4. Make all the material cooked just as the third step.

  5. Put 2 soup of oil into the  wok. Use a lowest level of the fire to warm the oil.

  6. After 3 to 5 minutes, make sure the oil is ready. Put the half of hot pot base into the wok.
    (This is the one I used. You can choose any one you like)

    Spicy Dry Hot Pot的做法 步骤6
  7. After 5 minuets, put all your material into the wok. And put the rest of the hot pot base into the wok too.

  8. Fry all of them together. And it is the last step.

  9. Enjoy!


The secret is the hot pot base. You can choose anyone you like. You do not have to put all of the hot pot base into the wok, it would be very spicy. Just put as much as you like.

You can also put anything you like into the wok. I do not like the potato, so I did not use it in our last night. But I knew almost everybody love it. So it's up to you. Just put everything you like.

It is a super super easy-cooked Chinese dish. Hope you like it!


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