Easy Banana Brownie

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The most easy way to make brownie~~ ^0^


Dark Chocolate(50%+) 100g~120g
Butter 80g
Full Egg 2
Banana 1
Cake Flour 50g~60g
Baking Powder 5g
CocoaPowder~Optional 5g~10g
Sugar As much as you like

Easy Banana Brownie的做法  

  1. put the butter and chocolate together and melt them till they become liquid

  2. put the the beaten eggs into "1"

  3. Use the dressing sieve to put those flour and powder into "2" within several times, make sure they melt well into "2"

  4. slice the banana and put them into "3", better keep the banana stay into it,not on top of it

  5. pre-heat the oven to 180℃,and then put "4" into the oven and keep it heated in the temperature of 180℃ for 25mins

  6. after that continue heating in the temperature of 150℃ for another 15mins

  7. All Done


Don't use too much flour if you want it to be soft enough


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