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Rainy day food. 10 minute rush sukiyaki for after work or soaked days. Homemade semi-traditional fast food.


Thinly sliced beef (small handful)
Mizuna (1 small bunch)
Firm tofu sliced thin (around 6 pieces)
Konyaku (around 6 pieces sliced)
Shimeji mushrooms (however much you want)

- Wash your veg. and fungi.
- Pour some boiling hot water on your shirataki in a bowl, throw a pinch of salt in there, and cover until it cools. If you want to make yourself feel extra happy, make a 1 inch cut in the middle of your konyaku and flip the ends inside out to make a twist.

For cooking broth:
1/2 cup sake
1/4 cup mirin
1/4 cup soy sauce

- Throw it in a bowl and D Day it for 1 minute.


1) Heat a skillet up to medium high. Add oil. Cook beef slices for 1 minute without flipping.
2) When you have a sear to your preference, add in enough cooking broth to barely submerge it. Flip beef slices. Cook for approx 20-30 seconds.
3)  Arrange your mizuna, tofu, shimeji, and shirataki in a nabe or small casserole dish if you don’t have one.
4) When the beef is done, use chopsticks and arrange meat all fancy like in the nabe. Pour broth from skillet into nabe. Top vegetables off with more broth.
Note: Don’t let the konyaku and beef touch.

5) Place onto same stove, turn to medium-high for 4-5 minutes.

Optional: Beat 1 raw egg into a small bowl.

6) Transfer to table. Consume. + 10 comfort points.

Notes: Normally you use shirataki but I only had konyaku. If you don’t have a nabe, Daiso has them for $3.00. This one I received for free at Hmart so I’ll bet they have them too.




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