Spicy cucumber

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green cucumber 1 PC
dry red pepper 3 pcs
small round pepper (huajiao) several pcs
soy sauce 1 small spoon
salt small amount
sugar small amount

Spicy cucumber的做法  

  1. Clean and cut the cucumber into sections, peeling not needed.

    Spicy cucumber的做法 步骤1
  2. Cut the three red dry pepper into pieces.

    Spicy cucumber的做法 步骤2
  3. Take out a small amount of small round pepper (in Chinese: huajiao).

    Spicy cucumber的做法 步骤3
  4. Add cooking oil to the wok, wait till the oil gets hot (that's when you see there is smoke coming from the oil), put red pepper pieces and huajiao together to the wok and stir quickly for 5 to 10 seconds.

    Spicy cucumber的做法 步骤4
  5. Before the peppers get totally burned, add cucumber to the wok, stir quickly constantly for one and a half minutes.

    Spicy cucumber的做法 步骤5
  6. Add one spoon of soy sauce, little amount of salt and sugar to the wok and stir them with cucumber. Add little amount of water so the cucumber won't get burned. Keep stirring constantly for 1 minute and turn off fire.

    Spicy cucumber的做法 步骤6
  7. Plate it. Done.

    Spicy cucumber的做法 步骤7


Be aware that after soy sauce is added to the hot wok the food will get easily burned. To avoid that you can add a little bit water first then say sauce.


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