Earl Grey Tea Cake

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Earl Grey 1 pack
boiling water 80 ml (15ml actual)
eggs 2
icing sugar 70g
flour 70g
milk powder 15g
vegetable oil 15ml
some more hot water
prepare oven to 180 degree
This recipe is for 6 inch cake

Earl Grey Tea Cake的做法  

  1. Soak the Earl Grey in 80ml boiled water and put aside

  2. Use the electric mixer to Stir the eggs in the pan surrounded by warm water

  3. Slowly add sugar into the pan in three times, ensure the egg cream is perfectly stirred every time you add sugar, until the egg cream swells into thick fluffy foam, and the mixer can leave marks that are not easy to vanish on the surface. This might takes 15 mins.

    Earl Grey Tea Cake的做法 步骤3
  4. Sift the flour and milk power into the egg foam, softly but swiftly mix them together until there's no dry power.
    Note: it should be bottom up stir, don't draw circles otherwise it's easy to de-foam.

    Earl Grey Tea Cake的做法 步骤4
  5. veg oil + 15ml tea water + tea dust inside the tea bag and mix everything

  6. pour the mixture to an oily mould, and put into the prepared oven (180 degree), mid-down level, upper & down heat, 25 mins.

    Earl Grey Tea Cake的做法 步骤6
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