Chocolate Martini

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There is nothing that says Valentine’s Day like chocolate. And why not step out of the box this year and say it with a Chocolate Martini? These Chocolate Martinis are so smooth, they almost taste like chocolate milk with a little kick. This recipe has been in our house for a while, and they are always a hit whenever they are served. I’m pretty particular about my martinis, and so many chocolate martinis have Bailey’s in them. Not this one. I’m a purist, so no Bailey’s for me.
It’s a seemingly pretty simple recipe, but getting the proportions right took a little perfecting. It is a great blend of Godiva liqueur, creme de cocoa, vodka and milk. But the secret ingredient in this drink is the vanilla vodka. There isn’t a large quantity, but just enough to make a difference-the smoothness the vanilla adds to the chocolate martini is amazing. So go out and get yourself a little bottle. You won’t regret it.  These are so easy to make and look so pretty with the chocolate sauce swirl on the inside. You are sure to impress anyone with this drink.
So on Valentine’s day get your chocolate fix in your martini instead of (or with) the box of chocolates. I know I will. But I don’t think I’ll wait until next week. I think we will mix some up this weekend! What’s your favorite martini? Send them my way, I’m always looking for new ones to try!


creme de cocoa
vanilla vodka
Godiva liqueur

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